weve made the move to new version zimbra

We've made the move to new version Zimbra 8.7.6 GA

The new version Zimbra 8.7.6 is out and will see together all the new features in this version. Zimbra is an Open Source software, where you can manage your box mail, your agenda and work differently with your co-workers. It’s an collaborative messaging software and it’s also available in a desktop version.
Now we’ll discover all the news features of the new version Zimbra 8.7.6.

New features in the new version Zimbra 8.7.6

After Synacor acquired Zimbra in 2015, people have been hesitant to upgrade their stable 8.6  deployment in fear of less-than-smooth transitions and product issues.
new version Zimbra 8.7.6
Now that 8.7.6 GA has been released and the feedback has been very positive, we felt it was time to make the move ourselves. There are good reasons to upgrade from 8.6 now:

  • 2284 bug fixes since 8.6
  • Improved package management
  • Postscreen spambot screening
  • SNI support for multiple HTTPS domains
  • Two-factor Authentication protection against account hacking

Double authentication with new version Zimbra 8.7.6

  • Various other significant security enhancements
  • Zimbra Chat IM

new version Zimbra 8.7.6 interface

  • Zimbra Drive Cloud integration
  • Auto-archive local to reduce server mailbox size

And as we hoped, the upgrade process from 8.6.0 GA to 8.7.6 GA was smooth and with minimal service downtime. Even though the upgrade procedure took about 1.5 hrs, there was only 20 minutes real customer-affecting service downtime.
Our Zimbra SaaS platform is currently running new version Zimbra 8.7.6 ZCS Network and sofar we’ve had only positive feedback from our customers after the update.
We support our clients on dedicated Zimbra instances on their migration to the latest GA version.
Check in soon for more specific reviews of some of the new Zimbra 8.7.6 collaborative messaging features – after we have kicked the tires for a while.

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